Anatolii Malivskyi



Malivskyі Anatolii, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor of Philosophical Sciences, Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan, was born in 1957 in Ukraine. The title of Candidate of Philosophical Sciences PhD thesis: "The Phenomenon of Representation in Classical and Modern Philosophy". It is devoted to the phenomenon of the ontological approach to the representation of the European classical philosophy and its modern interpretation. Associate Professor Malivskyі A. an author of over 30 scientific publications, including "The first and second" Critique’s "Kant" (1991), "The creation and the thing: a critique of consciousness in the doctrine represented by M.Heidegger " (1994), "The ambiguity of understanding the rationality of Rene Descartes' (1996) "Alternative theory of the nature by Arthur Schopenhauer" (1998), "The anthropological dimension of Cartesian metaphysics in the context of the crisis of technological civilization" (2006), "The anthropological dimension of metaphysics "the dialogue of" Heidegger and Descartes (2008)," "The philosophical doctrine of Kant as the search of the authentic forms of anthropological metaphysics "(2012). Associate Professor Malivskyі A. an expert on the history of philosophy, the problems of reception of European classic’s philosophy in the modern context, the anthropological dimension of metaphysics. Associate Professor Malivskyі A. was a member of the XX World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, 1998.

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