Guimaraes, RC



Romeu Cardoso Guimarães was born in Belo Horizonte-MG Brazil (1943) and graduated MD (1965) by the Federal University of Minas Gerais Medical School (FM-UFMG). Was Assistant Professor of Morphological Pathology at the FM-UFMG (1966-1975), PhD in 1970 and Post Doc in Molecular Biology (1971-1973) at the Univ. of Connecticut (Storrs) and of Texas (Austin). Was Professor of Genetics at the Inst. Biosciences of the Paulista State Univ. at Botucatu (IB-UNESP, 1976-1993), Frei-Dozent (1978) and Full Prof. (1987). Developed Post-Doctoral research fellowships at the Univ. of Kent (Canterbury UK 1981-1982, Trypanosoma cruzi), Univ. of Texas (Austin, 1982, Molecular Evolution), Free Univ. of Berlin (Germany, 1987-1988) and The Weizmann Research Inst. (Israel, 1989). Professor of Evolution at the Inst. Biological Sciences (ICB) of UFMG (1993-2008) and Research Associate at the Group ‘Lab. Biodiversity and Molecular Evolution’ (LBEM, ICB-UFMG) since then.

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