javier garcia-martinez



DIRECTOR OF THE MOLECULAR NANOTECHNOLOGY LAB, UNIV. ALICANTE (2009 – ) Leads one of the most important research centers on molecular nanotechnology and on its application to catalysis and energy technologies. Founded this award-wining research center, hired its staff and scientists, and secured international collaborations, and multimillion funding. Teaches at undergraduate and graduate levels. Created several courses on materials chemistry and nanotechnology. Prolific author and speaker on nanotechnology, energy and advanced materials. CO-FOUNDER, CHIEF SCIENTIST, RIVE TECHNOLOGY, INC (2006 – ) Invented the core technology, transferred it from MIT, co-founded the company, secured intellectual property, and devolved over ten patents. Helped to rise $67M and hire over 40 employees. Marketed and sold novel catalysts to energy companies. Secured partnership with W.R. Grace to manufacture its first commercial product and the extension of the technology to a wide range of applications in collaboration with leading companies of the sector. Supervises and advice on the technical progress of the company. SELECTED PATENTS • Mesoporous zeolite catalyst supports, US 20140128246 A1 (2014) • Methods for enhancing the mesoporosity of zeolite-containing materials, US 8685875B2 (2014) • Introduction of mesoporosity into low silica zeolites, WO 2013106816 A1 (2014) • Introducing mesoporosity in the presence of neutral surfactant, US 61/586,476 (2013) • Compositions and methods for improving the hydrothermal stability of mesostructured zeolites by rare earth ion exchange, US 8524625 B2 (2013) • Mesostructured Zeolitic Materials, and Methods of Making and Using the Same, Chinese Patent, WO2006/038912 (2012) • Methods of Recovery of Pore-Forming Agents for Mesostructured Materials, US 8,206,498 (2012) • Mesoporous framework-modified zeolites, US 13/440,781 (2012) • Caustic healing of composition having enhanced mesoporosity, US 61/586,457 (2012) • High temperature preserving of ZSM-5, US 61/479,933 (2011) • Incorporation of mesoporosity in low Si/Al zeolites by desilication, US 61/473,588 (2011) • Stabilization of mesopore structure in rived zeolites, US 12/986,805 (2011) • Riving of zeolite containing catalyst, US 12/907,643 (2011) VISITING SCHOLAR 2015 Oxford University, Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow 2010-2015 Princeton University, Keller Center, Visiting Scholar (June – Sept.) 2012 Yale University, Executive Education Program 2010 Harvard University, Executive Education Program AWARDS AND FELLOWSHIPS Rey Jaime I Award, 2014 (Nobel Laureate Jury) / Member, Global Young Academy, 2012 / INNOVADORES Award, Spain 2012 /IMPORTANTE Award, 2011 / Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011 / Round Table of Top Entrepreneurs, EIT, 2010 / Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum, 2009 / TR35 Innovator of the Year, Technology Review, MIT, 2007 / European Young Chemist Award, EuCheMS 2006 / Europa Medal. Europe´s Top Younger Chemical Researcher, 2005 INSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES and COMMISSIONS OF TRUST 2015 – Evaluator of the ERC Starting Grant 2015 2006 – International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC): 2011 – Member of the Bureau, 2006 – Inorganic Chemistry Division, 2006 – 2014 Materials Chemistry Subcommittee 2010– World Economic Forum: 2011 – Vice-chair Emerging Technologies Council, 2010 – Global Agenda Council 2008 – European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): 2008 – European Roundtable of Top Entrepreneur, 2010 – 2013 Independent external expert MEMBERSHIPS OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES Royal Society of Chemistry (Fellow FRSC, and Chartered Chemist CChem) / World Economic Forum / Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies / Forum of the Young Global Leaders / International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry / American Chemical Society / European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences, EuCheMs (EurChem); American Institute of Chemical Engineers, AIChE /Global Young Academy, Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry / International Zeolite Association / International Mesostructured Materials Association / Fulbright Association. ORGANISATION OF SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS International Symposium on Mesoporous Zeolites, Boston, MA, US, 2015 / International Conference on New Materials for Clean Energy Processes, Alicante, Spain 2015 / International Symposium on Mesoporous Zeolites, San Francisco, CA, US, 2014 / Shape Europe, World Economic Forum, Madrid, Spain, 2013/ I International Symposium on Mesoporous Zeolites, Indiana, IN, US, 2013 / Nanotechnology for Energy Applications, University of Palermo, Italy, 2012 / Trends in Inorganic Chemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden, 2012 / Education in Chemistry through On-line Communities, Rome, Italy, 2012 / Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Applications, Puerto Rico, 2011 / Chemistry’s Contribution to our Global Future, Puerto Rico, 2011/ Nanotechnology: Challenges and Opportunities, Universidad de Alicante, Spain, 2011

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