Carin Roos



Carin Roos, PhD, Professor in Special Education, is currently working at The Department of Educational Studies at Kristianstad university. Carin Roos additonally holds a professorship part time at Karlstad University. Her doctoral thesis Deaf Children’s Literacy Events – A study of early childhood literacy activities, in a signing setting from 2004 deals with issues about how to become a literate person without access to sounds, using sign language. Current research topics: - Social and communicative interaction between young deaf children and their deaf parents (Dd children). Focus is on factors assumed to be prerequisites for later mentalizing abilities and learning, in particular the development of strategies for expressing and understanding intentions. - Teachers' experiences of paradigm shifts within the special education area, education for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, in three Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway). Special attention is paid to the choice of language in education and teachers' experience of how it has affected their work, both linguistically and in other respects. - Teacher students' attitudes and knowledge regarding pupils with diagnosis within Autism Spectrum Disorder

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