Jang Hyun LEE



Professor Jang-Hyun LEE received his Ph.D. from Seoul National University in 1999. He then joined the Research Institute of Marine Science Engineering at Seoul National University. Beginning in 2001, he directed not only Digital Manufacturing System Projects with Samsung Heavy Industries but also flame bending and computational welding mechanics. In 2004, he served as a PLM(Product lifecycle Management) consultant and developed a PLM-implementation plan for STX Shipbuilding. In addition, he led the ship design system and PLM system project for the Korean navy. Today, Prof. LEE is a Professor of naval architecture and ocean engineering at the INHA University in INCHEON, Korea, where he organized the e-Manufacturing & PLM Laboratory and has conducted research and taught. Since joining INHA University in 2005, he has directed PLM projects granted by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) and several project related with welding residual stress and LNG sloshing assessment. He has published several papers on PLM and structural mechanics, and is now researching Mechanical stress relief and sloshing assessment.

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