Isolina Oliveira



Isolina Oliveira, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Distance Teaching, at Universidade Aberta, Portugal, with experience in the development of both graduate and undergraduate courses, as well active researcher in the areas of teacher education and reflective practice, competence-based learning assessment and group work collaboration in online environments. During four years, she was a researcher focused on k-12 learning assessment at the Educational Innovation Institute, in Lisbon. She has developed and taught online, graduate and undergraduate, courses, as well as conducted research on online education, particularly on online assessment practices. Isolina is a member of the Universidade Aberta Professional Development in E-learning team that has promoted the development of online distance education learning strategies, especially in the framework of the university’s pedagogical model. And she is a member of the Distance Education and Elearning Laboratory (Universidade Aberta).

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