Gillian Kerr



I am an organizational psychologist specializing in policy analysis, performance measurement systems, process improvement, and program evaluation. My practice now focuses on the implementation of evaluation and monitoring systems using shared metadata, DHIS2, Aristotle Metadata Registry, LimesSurvey and other open source platforms. In particular, my team is developing an international indicator registry for human services using open source schemas and metadata standards. I'm on the Affiliate Faculty of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, in Population Health and Systems, where I'm supervising a graduate student practicum in health informatics. I have assisted dozens of organizations to develop evaluation frameworks, logic models and/or performance monitoring systems. As Vice President of United Way of Greater Toronto, I was a member of the United Way of America Outcome Measurement Task Force that created the influential evaluation measurement toolkit used worldwide since 1999. I use methodologies based on human service evaluation and policy analysis, integrating them with process improvement and systems perspectives. Previous positions have included front-line roles in health and social services, including rehabilitation counsellor and clinical psychologist, and Vice President of an IT firm. I developed several programs serving people with disabilities, including an AIDS prevention service, a pre-vocational program for Deaf adults with minimal language skills, and a community mental health clinic, and consulted to the Kellogg Foundation on the incorporation of culturally-relevant outcome measures for diverse ethnocultural groups. Past clients have included Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Human Resources Development Canada, Industry Canada, Yahoo Canada, Bell Canada, Microsoft Canada, the Canadian Hearing Society, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. I managed several projects in Qatar, including the development of a National Vision initiative that continues to guide Qatar's long-term development strategy, and a performance measurement framework for the national statistical authority.

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