Rute C. Sofia



Rute C. Sofia (PhD 2004) is a Senior Researcher at the Cognitive and People-centric Computing R&D unit, and an Associate Professor of University Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, since 2010. She is also, since 2017, a Collaborator Researcher at ISTAR-IUL. Rute's research background has been developed on industrial and on academic context, and she has co-founded COPELABS (2012), research unit which she steered between 2013-2017. She has co-founded Senception Lda (2013), a startup focused on personal communication platforms. Her current research interests are: network architectures and protocols; IoT; mobility management and estimation; network mining. Rute holds over 50 peer-reviewed publications in her fields of expertise, and 9 patents. She is an ACM and IEEE member. Before COPELABS/ULHT, she was a senior researcher at INESC TEC (07-10), where she steered the "Internet Architectures and Networking" area of UTM, team dedicated to wireless/cellular networking architectures and to user-centric networking paradigms. She was (04-07) a senior research scientist in Siemens AG and Nokia-Siemens Networks GmbH, focusing on aspects such as: fixed-mobile convergence; carrier-grade Ethernet; QoS; IPv6 interoperability. Rute holds a BEng in Informatics Engineering by Universidade de Coimbra (1995); M.Sc.(1999) and Ph.D. (2004) in Informatics by Universidade de Lisboa. During her PhD studies, she was a visiting scholar (2000-2003) at Northwestern University (ICAIR) and at University of Pennsylvania.

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