Hans Crezee



1986: M.Sc. in experimental physics with experimental work on Medical Physics (Free University, Amsterdam). 1988-1992: Project on the representation of blood flow in thermal models used in hyperthermia treatment planning (UMC Utrecht). 1993: PhD thesis ‘verification of thermal models’ (University of Utrecht). 1992-1997: Development of a system for clinical application of interstitial hyperthermia with spatial power control for improved temperature uniformity in the tumor (UMC Utrecht). 1997-1999: Clinical application of interstitial hyperthermia for brain and prostate implants (UMC Utrecht). 2000-present: Hyperthermia research at the Department of Radiotherapy of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam with emphasis on system design and treatment planning and project leader for several research projects granted by the Dutch Cancer Society Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds (KWF): - Development of a dual modality hyperthermia technique for esophageal cancer (project leader KWF project AMC 2002-2622). - Development of a new 8 antenna deep hyperthermia system for pelvic tumors. - Clinical validation and application of hyperthermia treatment planning (project leader KWF project UVA 2006-3484 on optimisation of regional hyperthermia delivery using hyperthermia planning). - KWF project on improved temperature reconstruction technique based on treatment planning to be used during superficial hyperthermia (project leader KWF project UVA 2007-3841). - KWF project on improved treatment delivery using treatment planning and MRI data (UVA 2010-4660). - KWF project on active hot spot suppression to improve thermal dose and clinical outcome of locoregional hyperthermia treatments (UVA 2012-5393). - KWF project on improved bladder temperature monitoring during hyperthermia treatments (UVA 2012-5539). Dr Crezee published over 130 papers in peer reviewed journals and has a Hirsch-index of 23. He is presently project leader for: - KWF project on MRI based hyperthermia treatment planning for improved hyperthermia delivery in cervical cancer patients (UVA 2014-7197), project leaders J Crezee, ALHMW van Lier, LJA Stalpers. - KWF project on irreversible electroporation for locally advanced pancreatic cancer; optimization of clinical treatment by advanced treatment planning (UVA 2014-7244), project leaders MGH Besselink, J Crezee, TM van Gulik. - Hyperthermia induced synthetic lethality combined with PARP1 inhibition to sensitize radiotherapy and CDDP treatment of Cervical cancer (UVA 2015-7820) project leaders NAP Franken, LJA Stalpers, J Crezee - Development of treatment planning to optimize clinical effectiveness of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy in colorectal cancer patients (UVA 2017-10595) project leaders J Crezee, NAP Franken, HP Kok, PJ Tanis - Clinical evaluation of the benefit of planning based steering to improve effectiveness of hyperthermia in cervical cancer patients (UVA 2017-10873) project leaders HP Kok, J Crezee, LJA Stalpers - Project leader NWO-ZonMw medium investment grant on small animal hyperthermia device (project 40-00506-98-16015 Other activities: - member “Treatment planning and modelling in hyperthermia” task group of the ESHO, COMAC BME Concerted Action, 4th Medical and Health Research Programme of the European Commission (1990-1992) - Supervision of 15 PhD students (1992-present). - Co-Promotor for Petra Kok (University of Amsterdam 2007), Martijn de Greef (University of Amsterdam 2012), Edmond Balidemaj (University of Amsterdam 2016), Caspar van Leeuwen (University of Amsterdam 2018). - Member PhD committee Judith Bergs (University of Amsterdam 2007), Hana Dobsicek-Trefna (Chalmers University, Göteborg 2010), Richard Canters (Erasmus University Rotterdam 2013), Marianne Linthorst (Erasmus University Rotterdam 2016), Tom Arends (Radboud University Nijmegen 2016). - Principal Investigator for hyperthermia research at Dept of Radiotherapy of AMC (2008-present). - Member NWO/STW jury “vernieuwingsimpuls” VIDI for 2008. - Secretary Hyperthermia Working Group of the Dutch Cancer Society (2008-present). - Member Quality Assurance committee of the Interdisciplinary Working Group Hyperthermia (IAH) of the German Cancer Society “Atzelsberg circle” (2010-present). - Collaborator ISTC project 3996 “simultaneous action of radiation and heating” (2010-present) - Secretary Maurits and Anna de Kock Foundation (2011-present) - Board member European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology ESHO (2011-2014, 2018-) - Member technical committee European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology ESHO (2011-present) - Host prof Rolf Issels (Munich), Spinoza chair at University of Amsterdam 8-10 Nov 2011 - Organisation of annual meetings Hyperthermia Working Group of the Dutch Cancer Society (2011, 2014). - Editorial Board/section editor International Journal of Hyperthermia (2013/2017-present) - Guest researcher at Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sep – Dec 2013. - teacher ESHO school, Huntsham Court, Devon, 3-6 Feb 2014

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