Maria Prazeres Casanova



Maria Prazeres Simões M. Casanova: She Is an integrated researcher at UID-FCT n.º 4372, Laboratory of Distance Education and eLearning ([email protected]) - Universidade Aberta (Portugal). Concluded a Post Ph.D in Education . She has a PhD in Educational Sciences. Master in Science Education – Educational Management variant and Graduation in Religious Sciences. Teacher and Certified Teachers’ Trainer, Supervisor of teaching practice, Delegate on the council pedagogic. Her areas as Teachers’ Trainer are: Supervision and organization of the Teaching Practice; Teaching and Didactics; Evaluation; Tutoring; Coaching; Mentoring; Conception and organization of Educational projects; Pedagogical relationships; Action research; Methods and Techniques in Education; School Management; Ethics; Initial teachers’ training.She has broad academic experience in the area of research didactics and has participated in many conferences. She has many publications dealing with Curriculum management, evaluation of the teaching profession, education on values and the role of tutorship for curriculum development.

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