Elisabeth Isaksson



Elisabeth Isaksson has been employed at Norwegian Polar Institute since 1995 and was upgraded to senior scientist (professor competance) in May 2006. During her carrier she has been the leader of several glaciological projects in Svalbard and Antarctica with her main interests in recent climate history through ice core studies. She has lead field expedition to both Svalbard and Antarctica since she was a Ph D student. In particular, Dr. Isaksson has studied surface mass balance and temperature proxies using shallow ice cores. She has also participated in projects involving different pollution in snow and ice such as black carbon.She has authored or co-authored more than 90 peer-reviewed articles. She has expericance from participating in several EU projects both involving the Arctic (ICEMASS, Millenium, NSINK) and the Antarctic (EPICA, EPICA-MIS) . Within the last 10 years she has been co-PI for 3 large glaciological projects in Antarctica involving shallow ice cores;TASTE-IDEA IPY, Fimbul Ice Shelf top-to-bottom, and Ice Rises. Dr Isaksson has worked with many students and Post Docs through her carrier. Since February 2010 she is a section leader for “Geology and Geophysics” which include responsibility for about-20 scientists working with glaciology, atmospheric sciences, marine geology and bedrock geology. In addition to the scientific cordination and budget responsibility the position also includes a variety of administrative tasks. Some examples are; leading committees for hiring staff and evaluations for scientific upgrades, different cordinating processes and various representation duties. Dr. Isaksson has also extensive experience from a wide range of outreach activites including contributions to exhibits.

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