F. Javier Murillo



F. Javier Murillo PhD (Ed.) works as associate professor of Educational Research Methods and Evaluation at the School of Education. Autonóma de Madrid University (Spain). Director of the Doctoral Program in Education. General Coordinator of the Research Group “Educational Change for Social Justice” (GICE). He is coordinator of the Iberoamerican School Effectiveness and Improvement Research Network (RINACE), Director of the Iberoamerican Journal of School Quality, Improvement and Effectiveness (RINACE), Director of the Iberoamerican Journal of Educational Evaluation, and Director of the International Journal of Education for Social Justice. He has been the UNESCO General Coordinator of the Latin American Laboratory for Assessment of the Quality of Education (LLECE), and Research Director at the Educational Research and Documentation Centre of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Current Counsellor for different governments in Latin American countries and international institutions (UNESCO, OCDE, MERCOSUR, Andres Bello Agreement) .He is author of more than 150 publications, in particular about School Effectiveness, School Improvement, Leadership and Education for Social Justice. He is member of Editorial Board in more than 15 journals mainly in Spain and Latin American countries.

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