M. Paula Robalo



M Paula Robalo is currently Coordinator Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Chemical Engineering Department, ISEL-Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa. She earned his Degree in Chemistry at Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, in 1986 and her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, in 1993. After completing her PhD, she got a position as Assistant Professor at Chemical Department of University of √Čvora. In 2000, became Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at the same Department. In 2002, she accepted a Coordinator Professor position at ISEL, where she has been since that time. M Paula Robalo's research interests include: i) synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes for applications as NLO or photochromic materials; ii) electrochemical characterization of metal complexes, antitumor metalo-drugs and biomolecule interaction studies; iii) biocatalysis with laccases towards the synthesis of dyes and other heterocyclic cores with biological activity; iv) biodegradation studies of lignin assisted by laccases.

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