Pablo Gómez-Abajo



From 2008 to 2015 I worked as IT Manager at Ingeniería y Prevención de Riesgos, S.L. I acquired high level skills in developing solutions for people who come from other technological areas, such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, etc. This provides me a great ability to understand what their needings are and build the easiest solution for them. I am used to solve these problems on my own as I am quite a self taught worker, but I also like to work in a team. I am really a passionate of Information and Communication Technologies. Since March, 2015 I work as a researcher at the miso team, within the Computer Science Department at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. My research work consists in a framework for model mutation, and its application to different domains. Under the supervision of my mentors, Juan de Lara and Esther Guerra, I have a publication in a conference: "Wodel: a Domain-Specific Language for Model Mutation" (SAC'16, held in April 2016 in Pisa - with an acceptance index of the 24,07%); a publication in a journal: "Domain-Specific Language for Model Mutation and its Application to the Automated Generation of Exercises" (Computer Languages, Systems & Structures (Elsevier), September 2017 - with an impact factor of 1.615); I have presented a poster at the DSM-TP 2016 summer school about domain-specific modelling; and I took part at the Doctoral Symposium of the ACM/IEEE MODELS 2016 conference with the paper: "A DSL for Model Mutation and its Applications to Different Domains". In June, 2016, I finished my master’s degree, with a special mention in my final master’s thesis: "A Framework for the Automated Generation of Exercises via Model Mutation".

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