Jennifer Wu

  • Also known as
Donglan Wu

Jennifer Wu (2013-06-10)

  • Country
United States
  • Keywords
NK cell, prostate, NKG2D, MIC, IGF-IR, IL-6

Jennifer Wu (2013-06-10)


After receiving her Ph. D from the University of British Columbia and post-doc training at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Jennifer Wu joined the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Washington. She served as the Associated Professor at the University of Washington till she accepted the Appointment at the Medical University of South Carolina and Hollings Cancer Center in 2011. Dr. Wu has been serving Immunology and Oncology Study Sections for the NIH/NCI and DOD-USARMC multiple times. Dr. Wu is currently elected as the Committee Chair of Cancer Community Practice of Federation of Clinical Immunology Society. She has been serving the editorial board of ISRN Urology since 2011. Research in Dr. Wu’s research focus on two major areas: tumor immunology and inflammation and cancer.