Sérgio F. Lopes



Assistant Professor at University of Minho, Portugal, since 2008, with teaching activities predominantly on computer programming, including aspects of software architecture and design. The main research area is computer science with a focus on software design and reuse. A software metamodel, specified in UML, was created and applied to the development of frameworks and libraries for domains such as products classification, state machines, and video cameras. Most of them are infrastructure or middleware frameworks. This research includes programming techniques and how they can be used to facilitate reuse, with emphasis on object-oriented techniques and the concept of component. More recently, the focus on reusability started to encompass efficiency and performance concerns, with development of frameworks for web and mobile applications addressing two concerns. The work carried out in the context of projects has been mostly software development, typically monitoring and automation systems based on a server and web- and mobile- clients, and embedded systems based on microcontrollers.

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