Carlos Galan-Diaz

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I am an environmental psychologist by training and I am Head of Research Impact for St Andrews University. Before this I was Research Impact Officer for the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow (2015-2018) and Impact Research Fellow for the RCUK funded dot.rural Digital Economy Hub at Aberdeen University (2013-2015). Before Impact I worked in the Social, Economic and Geographic Sciences Group (SEGS) at The James Hutton Institute (2009-2013) and the Robert Gordon University where I did research, my PhD and Lecturing (2005-2009). My PhD focused on psychological perspective-taking and emotion in environmental evaluation and environmental preference. My BSc, from the Faculty of Psychology at UNAM (Mexico City, 2005), was a study about the disciplinary differences of tacit skills and tacit knowledge at UNAM. I am confident and proficient with a social constructivist approach to research, and with both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. My research interests include impact evaluation, monitoring and reporting; perspective-taking; well-being, and behaviour change and are linked by a profound interest in how people perceive, make sense and relate to each other and the world around them.

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