Maria Ines Pinto-Sanchez



I am a certified gastroenterologist in Argentina, where I trained as a GI resident at the Gastroenterology Hospital in Buenos Aires . During my training, I gained extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of patients with celiac disease. I also initiated several research studies and published original articles in peer-reviewed journals. In 2011, I joined Dr Bercik’s group at the Farncombe Institute for Digestive Health Research at McMaster University as a post-doctoral research fellow to conduct clinical trials in the area of functional bowel disorders. During the four years of working in his group, I acquired theoretical knowledge on the microbiota-host interactions and the role of bacteria in different gastrointestinal conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and celiac disease. I have established a close collaboration with Dr Elena Verdu, who is a basic research scientist with expertise in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.I have broadened my knowledge of gastrointestinal motility through a CIHR-funded clinical fellow, that allowed me to train in the care of patients with motility alterations and learned to utilize radiological techniques for assessment of colonic transit and gastric emptying. I am currently conducting different studies in IBS, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. The most recent studies include a double blind placebo controlled trial investigating the effects of probiotics on anxiety and depression ; a CIHR funded longitudinal study which evaluates the association between gut microbiota changes and symptoms in patients with IBS and I am also responsible of the study evaluating the effects of gluten free diet in non- celiac population. During my fellowship at McMaster, I gained not only practical experience in conducting clinical trials but I also acquired theoretical knowledge by obtaining a Master's of Health Research Methodology Program at McMaster University. During my stay at McMaster, I have presented multiple times to national and international conferences and published more than 20 papers including systematic reviews; most of them as the first author. I have chosen to continue my training at the Farncombe Institute of McMaster University not only due to its international reputation as one of the top ten research groups in the world, but due to its unique combination of basic and clinical research, and a rich nurturing environment, which is so much needed for scientists in the early phase of their career.

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