Vojtěch Merunka



Vojtěch Merunka is born in 1967 in Čáslav, Central Bohemia, where he spent his early life and graduated from high school. Originally a master in computer engineering, he became a Ph.D. in data processing and mathematical modeling and an associate professor in information management at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management and the Czech University of Technology in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. He is professionally interested in object-based programming languages and object-oriented methods and tools for modeling and simulation. He is primarily interested in the pure object-oriented programming in Smalltalk, Apple technology and is an co-author of the BORM method on the FSM-based object-oriented analysis and simulation of organizational and business systems. Vojtěch has among other activities long been concerned in interslavism, conlanging, beekeeping and play the traditional Czech bagpipes.

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