Hans Knutsson



Hans Knutsson has more than 300 publications in image processing and machine learning. The 10 most cited have a total of more than 2300 citations, h-index = 32. He is one of the founding members of CMIV - the Center for Image Science and Visualization. He obtained his PhD in 1982. In 1984 - 1986 he held a Postdoctoral Fellowship position at the Rockefeller University Neurobiology Laboratory headed by Nobel Laureate Torsten Wiesel. He suggested and developed a novel method of representation and estimation of local structure of multi-dimensional signals using tensors and tensor fields. He introduced Canonical Correlation based fMRI analysis. In collaboration with LMI , the Laboratory for Mathematics in Imaging at Harvard Medical School and the Surgical Planning Laboratory in Boston he has also started a new line of research aiming at developing a common theoretical framework for sampling, representation and visualization of in vivo diffusion processes using MRI.

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