Trish FitzSimons



TRISH FITZSIMONS Trish FitzSimons is a documentary filmmaker, historian and exhibition curator. She is postgraduate and research convenor, as well as Deputy Head, of the Griffith Film School. Her creative practice over thirty years is eclectic and multi disciplinary: her chosen art form allowing detailed exploration of diverse forms and themes. In depth interviews and abstract visualizations rich in metaphor are signatures of this work. Trish has a passion for the environment and ecological history explored audio-visually. From June to October 2015 the Museum of Brisbane hosted Navigating Norman Creek – an exhibition comprising six documentaries - which Trish curated, produced and directed. The exhibition – the first at this venue solely focused on film - was funded by the Lord Mayor’s Helen Taylor Grant for Local History, The Brisbane City Council’s Community History Grant; and the Museum itself. She has also written creative non-fiction in the area of water politics. Her documentaries typically explore historical themes, including Snakes and Ladders: A Film about Women, Education and History (ABC, 1987), (, Another Way? (SBS, 1997), Channels of History: A Social History Exhibition about Women, Land and History (2002 - 2005). The underlying archive of this project – Braided Channels - is an online resource as part of the Australian National Corpus of Australian English & Trish also has research interests in documentary film history, theory and policy. With two colleagues, Trish wrote the first academic account of the national history of her art form: Australian Documentary: History, Practices, Genres (Cambridge University Press 2011). This book explores the ways that institutions inflect the work they support, whilst also uncovering the individual creative impulses that drive outstanding documentary. Trish completed a Doctorate of Creative Arts on 'voice' in documentary film (UTS 2008). The theoretical dimension of this work developed a regularly cited vocabulary as to how the filmmaker’s voice might intersect with the voice/s of documentary subjects. Trish is currently developing an international, media rich, exhibition project: Fabric of War – The Global Wool Trade from Crimea to Korea in collaboration with Madelyn Shaw, Curator of Textiles for the Smithsonian Institution, USA. In 2015 Madelyn spent six weeks in Australia as a short term Visiting Research Fellow as Trish’s guest, with support from the Arts, Education and Law Faculty. Trish is a very active postgraduate research supervisor. Current supervisions include the fields of screen industry policy; experimental filmmaking; feature documentary; the editor/director relationship; branded content and feature screenplays. Trish has supervised several media and screen histories of the Asia Pacific, including the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan and Vietnam. She was a guest of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam in 2015, running workshops for Vietnamese broadcasters about the cutting edge of Australian broadcast documentary. More details of Trish FitzSimons’ publications, research profile, education and supervisions can be found on Griffith Experts and the Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research

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