Michael P. Fautsch

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ophthalmology, glaucoma, aqueous humor, anterior chamber, aqueous humor outflow, trabecular meshwork,Schlemm's canal, collector channels

Michael P. Fautsch (2013-03-11)


Dr Michael Fautsch is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He is a molecular biologist with an active research laboratory probing the pathogenesis of glaucoma. Dr. Fautsch has devoted his research efforts to understanding the physiology of intraocular pressure regulation. His laboratory team utilizes numerous model systems to study: • Pressure-lowering therapeutics and molecular changes to the trabecular meshwork • Aqueous humor flow through the eye • Role of CSF pressure in glaucoma • Structural changes that occur in normal and glaucomatous eyes during elevated pressure. Dr. Fautsch has received the Ruth Salta Young Investigator award, the Lew Wasserman Mid-career scientist award and has co-chaired several international conferences on the aqueous humor outflow pathway. Dr. Fautsch is a standing member on the National Eye Institute’s Basic Vision Science study section and is currently the Research Chair for the Ophthalmology at Mayo.
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