Michiel van de Sande



Professional experience: - Registrar/fellowship musculoskeletal oncology and paediatric orthopaedics LUMC Leiden / NOC Oxford - Editorial board member at Current Orthopaedic Practice - Attache at OTC - Instructor for the General and Advanced Trauma Course, at OTC, the Netherlands - Faculty on Stanmore Musculoskeletal Oncology Course 9 – 10 February 2015 Goals: Orthopaedic surgeon with specialities in: Bone and soft tissue sarcomas Paediatric orthopaedics and Trauma. Research in musculoskeletaland oncology and paediatric orthopaedics with a special interest in: Giant cell tumors Diffuse type gaint cell tumors (PVNS) Chondrosarcoma Biological reconstruction (free vascularised fibula / Allograft) Hip dysplasia (DDH) PFFD van nes Rotationplasty Limb Lengthening (intramedullary nail (Fitbone))

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