Monica Fedele



I was born in Naples, Italy, on March 23th 1969, where I graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Naples. Subsequently, I specialized in Clinical Pathology and received my PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Pathology at the Medical School of the University of Naples, working in the laboratory of Alfredo Fusco. I was a postdoctoral investigator in the laboratory of Carlo M. Croce, in Philadelphia (PA-USA), focusing on the development of HMGA and PATZ1 transgenic and knockout mouse models. Now I am lead researcher at the Istituto di Endocrinologia e Oncologia Sperimentale (IEOS) of the CNR in Italy and my main interest is the role of chromatinic proteins in cancer. My main scientific achievements have been: 1) the isolation and characterization of the PATZ1 gene, 2) the demonstration of the oncogenic activity of the HMGA proteins, and 3) the discovery of their critical role in the development of pituitary adenomas.

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