Ruslan Brukhanskyi



Doctor of Economic Sciences. Professor. Head of the Department of accounting and economic and legal support of agri-industrial business. Honorary title “Merited Education Worker of Ukraine”(Decree of a President of Ukraine №338/2016). Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine. Member of the Federation of Auditors, Accountants and Financiers of AIC of Ukraine. Advisor Tax Service I rank. Certified Manager for project management methodology (International Project Management Association). Member of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine. Member scientific-methodical commission on direction "Accounting and taxation". Certified Professional Accountant (Certified agricultural professoinal accountant). Chief Editor of the International Scientific Journal "The Institute of Accounting, Control and Analysis in the Globalization Circumstances". 300 scientific and educational works: 9 monographs; 20 textbooks, 162 articles in journals. Received 3 patents. Awarded 39 diplomas, certificates and thanked. He was awarded the medal "For the dignity and patriotism" and "For Development of Ukraine".

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