Nikolaos Georgantzis



Born in Athens, Greece, studied economics at the University of Piraeus. MPhil at the University of Wales (Swansea). MA and PhD at the EUI, Florence. Research focuses on different applications of Microeconomics and Behavioral Economics, with special emphasis on Wine Economics. Professor of Experimental Economics. Director and founder of the Wine & Spirits Business Lab (BSB Dijon, France). Founder of two experimental economics labs in Spain; one in Granada (EGEO) and a larger one in Castellón (Laboratorio de Economía Experimental, Published work covers a range of areas, like Wine Economics, Labour Economics, Preference Elicitation and Evaluation, Economic Psychology, Industrial Organization (Theoretical and Experimental), Internet Economics, International Economics, etc. Academic Editor for PLOS One and Associate Editor for the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

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