Tim C. McAloone



Tim McAloone is Professor of Product/Service-Systems at the Technical University of Denmark. He works closely with Danish industry, creating new methods and models for a wide range of product development issues, such as product/service-systems, sustainable design and eco-innovation. He has many research activities, including projects such as the Innovation Consortium “PROTEUS”, which focuses on the creation of product/service innovation methodologies for the Danish maritime industry, plus the UNEP Eco-Innovation manual. Danish and international industrial companies are Tim’s main research object, where most of his work is carried out in the form of empirical studies of product development methodological activities and improvement needs in industry. Tim’s international network spreads very broadly, where he has close ties to universities in particularly USA, Brazil, Japan, France, Germany, Sweden and UK. In 2011 Tim was guest professor at Stanford University, USA. He is regularly invited as keynote speaker at international conferences and is also frequently used within Danish industrial seminars and meetings. Tim received his PhD from Cranfield University in 1998, where he studied the integration of ecodesign strategies into industry. His first degree is in Mechanical Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1993.

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