Ana Buján



I achieved my Bachelor Degree in Psychology in 2002 from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and I began my training as a researcher in 2004 at the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology, associated with the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Neuroscience. During one year I enjoyed a collaboration grant from USC. Two years later (2006), I obtained the degree of Bachelor through the defense of the Bachelor Thesis and the research proficiency in the field of Neuroscience. During the next six years I worked as a teaching and research staff. In 2012 I obtained my PhD in Neuroscience from the USC. From 2015 to 2018 I got a Postdoctoral position at Univeristy of A Coruña, granted by the Galician government (Plan I2C Xunta de Galicia). Currently, my research interest are focused on the study of neurocognitive correlates of congitive decline and frailty syndrome, aiming to find biomarkers that allow us to have a better understanding of the mechanisms associated with aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Specifically, my main interest is find neurophysiological indexes, through neuroimaging and electrophysiological techniques, related to the processing of faces in healthy aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. According to my research interests, and my expertise, I am also interested in the field of intervention and rehabilitation for people with brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases. More specifically I am interested in the field of computerized cognitive training in older people, either for preventing the cognitive decline in healthy older people or rehabilitation in people with disorders. In this sense, in the last three years I have been working very closely in this field as part of my postdoctoral project. Another one of my areas of interest is the intervention on caregivers of people with dementia. I have participated in several projects in this area, from classic psychological intervention (psychotherapy) to creating psychoeducational platforms.

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