Núria Roura-Pascual



My research interest ranges principally between two disciplines: landscape ecology and biogeography, which have in common the study of spatial patterns and ecological mechanisms explaining the distribution of organisms across a wide range of scales. Although the topic of my DEA (describing landscape changes in rural mountainous areas) and PhD thesis (predicting the potential distribution of the invasive Argentine ant at different spatial scales via ecological niche models) differ in several aspects (scale and area of study, applied techniques, aim of the study, etc.), both approaches have common things that can be combined in an interdisciplinary way to study the distribution of species and communities across spatial scales in the face of global change. Examples of the interdisciplinary nature of my current research can be found in my previous and current post-doc research (development of an integrated decision-making tool to study and manage plant invasions, and study of the causes and consequences of pest and alien invasions on forest ecosystems under global change). The use of integrated approaches allow researches to analyze more complex species-environment relationships, and elucidate the main process undergoing invasion increments, biodiversity losses, landscape changes, etc. These integrated approaches are required to identify the most appropriate and efficient strategies for the conservation of biodiversity.

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