Nunes, Célia



Célia Nunes is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Beira Interior (UBI) and member of CMA - Center of Mathematics and Aplications, UBI. She is PhD in Mathematics by UBI, MSc. on Applied Mathematics by the University of Évora (UE) and BSc. in Mathematics - Probability and Statistics (UE). Her research interests are in Applied Mathematics and Probability and Statistics, in particular Statistical Inference in Linear Models. She has published research in the fields of Probability and Statistics and Applied Statistics and has been awarded two best paper awards: - Best Paper Award at the 5th International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Simulation, Modelling (ASM '11) for the paper entitled "Orthogonal Fixed Effects ANOVA with Random Sample Sizes" (Authors: João T. Mexia, Célia Nunes, Dário Ferreira, Sandra S. Ferreira, Elsa Moreira); - Best Short Paper Award at the 40th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR'18) for the paper entitled "A Text Feature Based Automatic Keyword Extraction Method for Single Documents" (Authors: Ricardo Campos, Vítor Mangaravite, Arian Pasquali, Alípio Mário Jorge, Célia Nunes, Adam Jatowt). She is also a guest reviewer of several international journals, co-chaired multiple international conferences and workshops, being also a scientific committee member of international conferences. For comprehensive access to her work, please refer to:

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