Caroline Kühn H.



I am currently at Bath Spa University (UK) doing my PhD in the intersection of education and technology from a sociological perspective, and in the meantime, learning the skills of an open researcher. I worked in Venezuela for 20 years, teaching mathematics at different levels of Secondary School and Higher Education. My initial interest in educational technology coincided with my move to teaching Mathematics at tertiary level in the University Simón Bolívar. Here, alongside teaching mathematics, I was part of the mathematics development team for a bridging course for high school students (last year), that live in deprived neighbourhoods in Caracas thus, don't have access to quality education and struggle to make it into university despite needing it to improve their lives (social mobility). My interest in educational technology became the theme of my master thesis: Designing a website with cognitive tools to support socially disadvantaged students in their mathematical learning. My PhD brought me to Europe in 2011. After a short stay at the University Complutense in Madrid, I attended a summer school at the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands where I stayed for a year as a guest researcher. It was during this period that the core ideas of my PhD began to mature into what is now the thesis of my dissertation which focuses on uncovering students' daily entanglements with digital technologies looking at student's agency/lack of in their digital practice.

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