Alexis Courbet



I followed a double degree program in medical and biological sciences. In my motivation to explore and engineer the interface between fundamental biology and medical sciences, from knowledge to applications, I was early interested by quantitative and integrative approaches to biological sciences. I specialized first in molecular and cellular biology, then in biophysics. During my PhD, I applied synthetic biology to human health and biotechnology. I developped concepts, systematic methods, computational tools and biological standards to: 1. Engineer next-generation diagnostics. I engineered autonomous and programmable biosensors integrating multiplexed pathological biomarker detection and complex biological signal processing as intelligent diagnostic devices. 2. Engineer novel biocomputing devices that solve complex problems and process/interface biological information at the microscale. I developed microfluidic and computer assisted methodologies to program these synthetic biosystems from the bottum-up (e.g. protocells). I believe that collaboration between scientists and promotion of interdisciplinarity is the key to understand and engineer biology.

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