Antonio Sedeño-Noda

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A. Sedeño-Noda

Keywords: Network Flows, Algorithms, Multiobjective Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Logistics

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ResearcherID: C-5200-2008
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Antonio Sedeno-Noda serves as an Associate Professor of statistics and operations research at La Laguna University. He received the B.S. degree in physics (specialized in electronics) from Santiago de Compostela University in 1992, the M.S. degree in physics from La Laguna University in 1994, and the Ph.D. degree in operations research from La Laguna University in 2001. His research interests span many areas of theoretical computer science and operations research broadly connected to the design and analysis of algorithms, such as combinatorial optimization, multiobjective combinatorial optimization, logistics, and network flow algorithms.