Kityk I.V.

Keywords: borate crystals, nancomposites, optical materials, ZnO


TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CZĘSTOCHOWA FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AL. ARMII KRAJOWEJ 17 42-200 CZĘSTOCHOWA TEL.: (+48) 601 50 42 68 FAX: (+48 34) 325 08 23 e-mail: Curriculum Vitae ________________________________________ Iwan Kityk Professor of Physics and Materials Science Telephone: +48-601-50-42-68 Electrical Engineering Department +48-34-3250-821 Institute of electronics FAX: +48-34-3250-821 Technical University of Czestochowa E-mail:; Częstochowa, PL-42201, Poland URL: Publications (648 publications (web of knowledge); 5 books chapters; 6 patents and inventions, 180+ conference contributions, about 5000 citations h-index 36) Editor - Materials Letters (Elsevier); Editorial Board: Optical Materials (Elsevier); Results in Physics (Elsevier); Journal Materials (Hindawi) Education 1994 Full Professor, Warsaw 1992 Habilitation, Dr Sci. (solid state electronics, USSR) 1985 Ph.D. (Dr. optics) Experimental Physics, USSR Professor, Warsaw , Poland Employment and Professional Experience VII.2009–present Ordinary Professor, Head of Optoelectronic Group Departments of Electrical Engineering, Technical University Czestochowa, Czestochowa, Poland 1.2008-07. 2009 Extraordinary Professor , Chemical Department, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland 1994-2007 Professor, Institute of Physics, J.Dlugosz Univeristy Czestochowa 1992-1994 Scientific Researcher Physical Department, Lviv State University, Lviv, Ukraine Visiting Positions 1996- 2006 Laboratoire POMA, Universite d’Angers,France (1-2 months per year) 1999- 2001 Institute of Physics, Universite du Maine, Le Mans. France (1-2 months per year) 1999 Institute of Physics, University of Metz, France (1 month) 1999- 2008 Laboratoire ELIAUS, Universite de Perpignan, France (1-2 months per year) 1999 Institute of Theoretical Physics, Univeristy of Bayreuth, Germany 1997-2004 Ecole normale Superiore Lyon, France 2-4 months) 2001- 2009 Laboratoire de Microscopies & d’Etude de Nanostructures, E.A. n°3799, UFR Sciences, Université de Reims, B.P. 138, 21 rue Clément Ader, 51685 Reims Cedex 02, France (1 month) 2009 Synchrotron BESSY-II, Berlin, Germany 2011 Universte d’Rennes, France 2012 Laboratory of Materials Science, Los Alamos, USA 2013, Visiting Professor Fellowship, Nanotechnology Department, Kyoto University, Japan Professional Activities • Author or co-author, 660 SCI scholarly publications in Optical , Solid State Physics and Materials Science and Engineering • Member, Associae editor: Optical Materials (Elsevier), Materials Letters (Elsevier);Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Nano Research, Materials Journal, • Conference Papers • Organizing Committee of annual Conference ICTON. • Permanent referee of American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, Elsevier, IOP, Taylor and Francis journals. • Research Experience Laser stimulated effects in the inorganic and organic condensed matters. Possibility of laser operation of the optoelectronic properties of low-dimensional materials. The effects photosimulated piezoelectricity, nonlinear optics, transparency Principal results: 1. Photoinduced second-order nonlinear optical treatment in the low- dimensional nanocomposites for possible orientation of initially disordered nano-scale elements. 2. Using of multi-color light excitations for creation of the long-range non-centrosymmetry 3. Detection of the superconducting, ferroelectric, ferroelastic and ferromagnetic phase transformation by the photoinduced optical methods in in the different kind of disordered materials 4. Acoustically stimulated nonlinear optical effects. 5. Coherent laser nonlinear optical treatment of Ag, Au NP deposited on dielectric substrates 6. Nanoooptics, surface Plasmon resonance,

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