Vladimir Okrepilov



Doctor of economics, Professor, full member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary citizen of St. Petersburg (2016) Born February 23, 1944, Leningrad (USSR) Outstanding scientist-economist, founder of the new field of economic science – Eco-nomics of Quality, basing on the use of tools of quality management, standardization and metrology in ensuring socioeconomic progress and the quality of life improvement; the leader of the scientific school on the Economics of Quality. The author of works on in-creasing the efficiency of the regional development based on the implementation of the quality management models at the meso- and macro- levels. Under the leadership of V.V. Okrepilov for the first time in Russia the Comprehensive Scientific and Technical Development Program of the Northwest Russia for a period of up to 2030 was developed. V.V. Okrepilov is one of the authors of the “Strategy on Social and Economic Development of St. Petersburg for the period of up to 2030” approved by the Decree of St. Petersburg Government of May 13, 2014, No. 355. Under his leadership fundamental scientific research and practical calculations of economic benefits gained from various activity in the fields of standardization and metrology were carried out for the first time; and a unique national quality management system based on application of the MBO planning methods aimed at increasing the pace of the national economy modernization was developed, the system having no direct analogues in the world. Has made a decisive scientific and organizational contribution to the development of the unique scientifically-based multilevel system of continuous personnel training in Economics of Quality. The scientific school «Economics and Quality Management» led by him is entered into the Register of the Leading Scientific and Pedagogical Schools of St. Petersburg.

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