Patricia Healy



I am a midwife and nurse. My clinical speciality is special and intensive neonatal care. My PhD focused on cerebral palsy through which I developed a particular interest in quality and safety, risk management and clinical negligence in healthcare especially in the maternity services. I am currently employed as a research fellow at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, NUI, Galway where I am working on two HRB funded projects . I am in receipt of a HRB Cochrane Review Fellowship and am conducting a systematic review entitled ' Design-based methods to influence the completeness of response to self-administered questionnaires. I am also working on a Core Outcome Set called COSGROVE; Core Outcome Set for GROwth restriction: deVeloping Endpoints.Through this research work I have developed expertise in research methodology, clinical trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and evidence synthesis.

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