marco scoponi

photopolymerization, rheological charactherization of polymers, themo-mechanical characterization of polymers, polymer matirx composites


Dr Marco Scoponi gained his PhD in chemical sciences in 1987. He is currently senior researcher at the Institute of Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity (ISOF) at the Dep.t of Chemistry of University of Ferrara. He belongs to the scientific group of Science and Technology of Materials of Research National Council (RNC) of Italy. Since 1999 he has been professor of chemistry of polymer materials (chemistry degree) and since 2006 became a professor of polymer materials (Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering) at University of Ferrara. He has been scientific responsible of several national projects and is currently a scientific leader of the Department of Molecular Design of RNC of Italy. In 2007 he has created the company Advanced Polymer Materials Ltd (APM) in collaboration with the University of Ferrara. The APM activity is devoted to technology transfer by using thermoplastic, thermoset and UV-curable polymers. In recent years he carried out fundamental research on mechanisms of therm