Emma Rodero



Emma Rodero, Ph.D. in Communications with honors (Pontificial University of Salamanca, Spain), Ph.D. in Psychology with honors (Autonomus University of Barcelona, Spain), Master of Science in Voice Pathologies (Alcalá University, Spain), and Master of Science in Cognition and Communication (Autonomus University of Barcelona, Spain). She was Vice-president of Student Affairs, 2009-2013 (UPF). She is a professor (senior lecturer/associate) in the department of Communication at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (Spain) and has been a visiting professor in numerous universities in Spain and in Latin America. She was the Director of the Master’s program of Expression on Radio and Television at Pontificial University of Salamanca and the Director of the Master’s program of Expression on Radio and Television at the UPF (IDEC). She has obtained a Marie Curie European grant (Research Fellowship Programme) to do research during two years in US. She was visiting scholar at the Institute for Communication Research (Indiana University, US) and visiting researcher at Speech Processing and Auditory Perception lab in UCLA. She is a member of the Prosodic Studies Group (GrEP), Linguistic Research Unit, Department of Translation and Language Sciences (UPF), and the Communication, Advertising and Society Unit (CAS-UPF). Her research focuses on the impact of auditory/sound elements and forms of nonverbal communication, especially voice and prosody, on cognitive and emotional processing of messages, in particular, attention and memory. Rodero’s research has been published in prestigious international journals. She is also author of more than ten books and around forty scientific papers about communication and prosody. Undergraduate teaching interests include sound advertising and narrative and public speaking. She has over a decade of experience in the radio industry. She has been the director and presenter of news programs. She has received awards for various radio drama productions.

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