K. Teknomo

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route choice self organization, Micro-PedSim, microscopic pedestrian simulation, mesoscopic pedestrian simulation, queuing rule of thumb

K. Teknomo (2013-09-29)

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K. Teknomo (2014-07-22)

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I work as an independent international consultant in education and engineering services. My research interests are concerned with modeling and simulation of human behavior and activities related to urban infrastructure and built environment. My current research is related to complex system, modeling urban spatial and traffic simulation, human behaviours and activities. The main methods of his research are self-organizing system, intelligence agent model, cellular automata, data mining and multi criteria decision making techniques. Recently, I am also an associate professor in Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines as well as Blackthorne Researcher in the University of Wisconsin, USA. I had experienced in lecturing, research and consultation in the Austria, Indonesia, Japan Philippines, Thailand and USA for more than 20 years.
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