Durdi Qujeq ,Professor in Clinical Biochemistry, PhD in Medical Biochemistry .Academic Member of Faculty Medicine,Babol University of Medical Sciences. Researcher in Clinical Biochemistry , Biochemical factors related to Disease and Stem cell projects. Member of Iranian Stem Cell Network, Member of Iranian Biochemstry Association.Member of Iranian Trace Element Association, Tehran, Mazandaran .Member of Iranian Laboratory Science Association,Mazandaran .Member of Iranian association for ethics in science and technology tehran, IRAN. Receipient of one gold medal as one of the top students of the country of 1992. Recipient of one gold medal as one of the top students of the Tarbiat Modaress University of 1992. Receipient of the best poster award, development of a quantitative assay method for 3-beta –hydroxy-delta 5-steroid dehydrogenase in the rat testis,9th Asian pacific Congress of Clinical Biochemistry, New Delhi,India,9-14 March,2002. Recipient the best education Model award , Babol, IRAN,2012. recipient of The top reasearcher in University award ,Babol, 2010,Recipient of the excellent poster award, Measurement of serum paraoxonase in chronic renal failure patients. The 18th International congress of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, Kyoto, Japan; October 20-25,2002.Member of Research Council of Faculty of Medicine 1994-1998. Affiliate membership of the Australian association of clinical biochemists.Membership of New York Academy of Sciences. Membership of American Diabetes Association .Scientoific committeee ,Advisory board and Excutive committee of 10 th Iranian Congress of Biochemistry and 3rd International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 16-19, November 2009,Tehran,IRAN

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