Katerina Stamatelatou



Katerina Stamatelatou has been an assistant professor in Democritus university of Thrace in Greece (department of environmental engineering) since 2010 and associate educational personnel in the postgraduate program of studies “environmental design of infrastructure works” where she teaches the course "management technnologies of environmental impacts" since 2012. She is a chemical engineer graduated from university of Patras (Greece) in 1994 and she got her PhD diploma titled "Optimization of anaerobic systems" from the same department in 1999. Her research interests include the developmet of anaerobic processes, the design and operation of bioreactors and the simulation of bioprocesses. She is associate editor in "Water Science and Technology" and reviewer in numerous environmental engineering journals (>10). She is co editor of the book "Sewage Treatment Plants: Economic Evaluation of Innovative Technologies for Energy Efficiency, edited by K. Stamatelatou and K. Tsagarakis, IWA publishing 2015, London, UK." She has been participated and keeps in participating in 13 research programs as a primary researcher or scientific responsibe.
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