Gisela Oliveira



Gisela Marta Oliveira is Chemical Engineer since 1992 (Engineering Faculty of Porto University FEUP). Specialized in bioengineering and worked for 7 years as young researcher in microalgae biotechnology at the Biotechnology College (ESB) of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP). At UCP gained experience as lecturer (mathemathics and instrumental analysis) and also as instructor of food technology courses. In 1999 joined Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) working as laboratory manager, instrumental and chemical analyst as well as lecturer in several chemistry and engineering subjects. In 2005 graduated as Master in Biomedical Engineer at Engineering Faculty of Porto University (FEUP) with a dissertation on biomaterials. Since October 2013 works as researcher and as assistant of direction in the Coordination Council of FP-ENAS R&D Unit, still at UFP. In 2016 gradutated as Doctor in Earth Sciences at UFP with a thesis on the application of carbon dioxide capture, use and geologic sequestration - CCUS technologies to Portugal.

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