Selene Vicente

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I’m a researcher with a full-time faculty appointment as an Auxiliary Professor (tenured, 10 years post PhD) at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences from the University of Porto, Portugal. I'm also a member of the Neurocognition and Language Research Group of the Centre of Psychology of the University of Porto. In the last 4 years (after the Bologna curriculum), I’ve been responsible for courses on Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation, as well as research seminars in developmental neuropsychology. I’m the scientific supervisor of the Neuropsychological Counseling Service at the Faculty of Psychology, and the supervisor of the academic clinical trainings in neuropsychology for master’s students that take place in neurology and neuropsychology services in hospitals and other health institutions. Since then I supervised 31 master and PhD thesis (finished) exploring executive functions and language in several non clinical (adults, the elderly and children) and clinical populations (Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), PHDA, dementia, traumatic brain injuries, among others). Furthermore, we’ve been developed and adapted several assessment neuropsychological instruments and planning intervention programs focused in these populations. My main research interests are Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology.

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