Angel Orte



Angel Orte earned a degree in chemistry from the University of Cordoba, Spain, and obtained his Ph.D. degree in ultrafast proton-transfer reactions from the University of Granada, Spain, in 2004. He spent four years as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Department of Chemistry, the University of Cambridge, UK, within the group of Professor David Klenerman. At the Klenerman group, he developed dual-color single-molecule fluorescence methodologies and employed them in the study of biophysical problems such as protein aggregation, protein folding, and protein–DNA interactions. In 2009, he returned to the Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, the University of Granada, Spain, to open up new single molecule fluorescence research lines. He serves currently as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy, and his main areas of expertise are multicolor single-molecule fluorescence techniques, single molecule biophysics, and excited-state dynamics.
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