Jordi Torres



Jordi Torres is a full professor at UPC Barcelona Tech and research manager at Barcelona Supercomputing Center with a wide range of research and teaching activities for over 25 years. With a great background as a Computer Engineer, his explorer and entrepreneurial spirit led him to be a Big-Data engineer able to engage with Data Scientists. His current principal research interest involves explore the future of HPC/BigData computing convergence and its application to Big Data analytics and Cognitive Computing challenges (High-Performance Big-Data Analytics). Right now he also has a consultative and strategy role with a visionary task related to next generation technology and its impact. He is both a creative thinker and influential collaborator base on that he has worn many hats throughout his long career. He acts as an expert for various organizations and companies and mentors entrepreneurs. He is also a writer, gives conferences and collaborates with Spanish mass media. He is passionate about art and visual design.

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