Peter Sheridan Dodds



Peter Sheridan Dodds is a Professor at the University of Vermont (UVM) working on system-level problems in many fields, ranging from sociology to physics. He is Director of UVM's Complex Systems Center, co-Director of UVM's Computational Story Lab, and is appointed to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He maintains general research and teaching interests in complex systems and networks with a current focus on sociotechnical and psychological phenomena including collective emotional states, contagion, and stories. His methods encompass large-scale data collection and analysis, large-scale sociotechnical experiments, and the formulation, analysis, and simulation of theoretical models. Dodds's training is in theoretical physics, mathematics, and electrical engineering with extensive formal postdoctoral and research experience in the social sciences. In 2009, Dodds received an NSF CAREER grant awarded by the Social and Economic Sciences Directorate.

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