Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues



Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues ([email protected]) is specialised in African Studies and currently works at the Nordic African Institute as Researcher. Main research areas include urban anthropology and sociology, urban transformation, poverty and development, borders in Africa. Her research is mostly conducted in Angola but she has also been working in all other Portuguese speaking African countries. Previous publications include ‘From family solidarity to social classes: urban stratification in Angola (Luanda and Ondjiva)’, Journal of Southern African Studies, 2007; ‘Angolan Cities: urban (re)segregation?’ in Locatelli, F. & Nugent, P. (eds.) African Cities: competing claims on urban spaces, 2009; ‘Angola’s southern border: entrepreneurship opportunities and the state in Cunene’ (2010), Journal of Modern African Studies, ‘Angola’s Planned and Unplanned Urban Growth: diamond mining towns in the Lunda provinces’, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 2012.

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