Andre Brown



My career goal is to continue growing my work portfolio as a public health researcher and interventionist who concentrates on examining and intervening on individual- and social-structural-level determinants of health for Black men who have sex with men (BMSM). My objectives are to use strengths-based approaches to research and intervention work that identifies the factors which facilitate good health among BMSM. I will also work to translate those findings into health promotion interventions which employ effective prevention and resiliency strategies to aid BMSM in achieving optimal mental and physical health outcomes. Overall, I seek to equip BMSM with the knowledge and skills to protect their health, while simultaneously identifying and implementing modifications to their social and physical environment to convey additional health benefits to this vulnerable population of men. Ultimately, I intend to engage in public health research and intervention work that aids in creating a world where BMSM are able to achieve their highest human potential—free of individual and social-structural barriers to health-promoting and life-sustaining resources.

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