Beth Plale



Dr. Beth Plale is currently serving at the National Science Foundation as a science advisor (2017- ). Dr. Plale is a full Professor in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University Bloomington. Plale is founding director of the Data To Insight Center (2009-2017) and the HathiTrust Research Center (2010-2017) and Science Director of Pervasive Technology Institute (2012-2017). Dr. Plale has broad research and governance interest in information, in long-term preservation and access to scientific data, and in enabling computational access to large and complex data for broader use. Her specific research interest are in metadata and data provenance, trusted data repositories and enclaves, data analysis and text mining of big data, and workflow systems. Plale teaches in the Data Science Program at Indiana University Bloomington and is deeply engaged in interdisciplinary research and education and has substantive experience in developing stable and useable scientific cyberinfrastructure.

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