Marques, JMG



Professor J.M.G. Marques is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering at the Atlântica University Higher Institution (AUHI) and cooperates in the Center for Aeronautical and Space Science and Technology (CCTAE/IDMEC). He was awarded his BSc and his PhD in Aerospace Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). Professor Marques currently teaches Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Stability and Control , Air Traffic Management and Aircraft Design, and he is one of the coordinators of the Aeronautical Engineering degree at the AUHI. His current research focuses on aircraft collision risk assessment, aircraft wake vortex models and new aircraft configurations. He’s also the author of 9 papers in ISI journals, 3 chapters in books, more than 20 communications to symposia and participated in 5 internationally funded research projects (EVooATM, NACRE, VELA, NEFA and S-Wake). He has been awarded a Silver Award for Best Written Paper in 2017 by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

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